Can you Hyperlapse an existing video?

Can you Hyperlapse an existing video?

Microsoft Hyperlapse is a simple app to help you shoot smooth and stable time-lapse videos, or quickly upload and enhance your existing videos. Features: Import existing video: Create a hyperlapse of any video you’ve already shot on your phone.

How do you Hyperlapse normal video?

Once you have iMovie downloaded and installed:

  1. Create a new project and select the video to import.
  2. Tap on the video in the timeline.
  3. Tap the clock in the bottom left.
  4. Adjust the speed slider towards the rabbit.
  5. Tap Done.
  6. Tap the Share button at the bottom to save the video to your Camera Roll.

How do you Hyperlapse a video on iPhone?

How to shoot a hyperlapse on iPhone

  1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone and choose Time-Lapse.
  2. When you’re ready to shoot your film, tap the shutter button and begin moving.
  3. Tap the shutter button again to finish recording. Your video will be sped up and saved as a video in your photo library.

How do you Hyperlapse a video on Android?

To set up Hyperlapse mode, you will need to:

  1. From the home screen, choose Apps or swipe up to access your apps.
  2. Choose Camera.
  3. Choose Hyperlapse. Depending on your device, choose MODE or swipe across the screen to select Hyperlapse mode.
  4. Tap the record button.
  5. Tap the stop icon.

What is the best app for speeding up videos?

More videos on YouTube

Video Editor User Rating Supported OS
Video Speed 4.1 Android 4.1 and up
Videoshop 4.8 iOS 11.1 or later, Android
Slow Fast Slow 4.4 iOS 10.0 or later
KineMaster 4.5 iOS 10.3 or later, Android 4.1 and up

How to make a hyperlapse video on iPhone?

Here’s how to shoot a hyperlapse using Time-Lapse mode on your iPhone: 1 Open the Camera app on your iPhone and choose Time-Lapse. 2 When you’re ready to shoot your film, tap the shutter button and begin moving. 3 Tap the shutter button again to finish recording. Your video will be sped up and saved as a video in your photo library.

How does a hyperlapse work in time lapse?

A hyperlapse is a special type of time lapse video where the camera changes positions. When you make a time lapse video you leave your camera in one spot. You might set it up in the window of a vehicle or on top of something that moves, but the camera stays in the spot where you mount it.

What do you need to make a Hyperlapse on Instagram?

How to Hyperlapse. Forget bulky tripods and expensive equipment, with Hyperlapse—an app from Instagram—you can create smooth time lapse videos where shaky footage is fixed for you. That way, even the most common of subjects can turn into a cool, well-made video. All you need to do is download Hyperlapse for iOS.

What’s the best way to make a hyperlapse?

You need to set length of every image to 0.040 seconds (to get 25 fps). Remember to stabilize your movie before exporting (it’s not necessary but with it movie will be much smoother). You can add title, transitions and play with colors to get “film look”. Have fun during making hyperlapse.

Can you edit the speed of a time-lapse?

Use the slider to change the speed of your time lapse video. Drag the slider left to slow down the time lapse speed, or right to make it faster. The faster the speed, the shorter the final time lapse video will be. When you’re happy with the speed of your time lapse, tap the green checkmark at the top of the screen.

How do I time lapse a video?

For Android, there is Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile. After you install the time-lapse app, choose import and select the video you want to convert into a time-lapse. Once the video loads, you will have options as to the speed of your time-lapse. The app will let you preview different speeds.

How long is a 1 hour time-lapse on Iphone?

When you start recording a time-lapse, the app only captures 2 frames per second….Written by Dan Provost. Sep 23, 2014.

Recording Duration Frame Capture Rate Speed Relative to Real Time
40 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes 1 frame every 4 seconds 120x

How long is 30 seconds in time-lapse?

For one example, maybe you want to do time-lapse of clouds passing overhead and you want to find out how long you need to keep the camera rolling undisturbed to create a 30 second video at a frame rate of 30 fps with 5 seconds between shots (answer: 1.2 hours).

How do I create time lapse videos?

To create Time-lapse effect, you basically reduce the interval for each shot and merge them into a 24-30 fps video. E.g., if the sun takes 12 hours to set and you take a photo every 1 minute, you will have 720 photos. With a 24 fps compression, you’ll have a video of sun rise to sun set in 30 seconds.

How do you make video time lapse?

Tap anywhere on the screen, and then in the bottom left tap the shooting mode icon. In the top right of the screen tap the time lapse icon and then Time Lapse Video . Tap the screen will hide the settings. Press the record button to start shooting.

What’s the difference between a timelapse and Hyperlapse?

A hyperlapse and timelapse are both made of images but the difference between the two is that a hyperlapse uses movement. For a timelapse, you set up the camera for your shot and it takes multiple pictures at a set time to create the timelapse. Whereas there’s movement between each picture to create the hyperlapse effect.

What is time-lapse video?

A time lapse video involves capturing lots of photos of a scene over a period of time. These images are then assembled to create seamless sped-up video footage. Time lapse is the opposite of slow motion video, where time appears to be moving slower than normal. Creating a time lapse video might sound like a lot of work.

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