How can I download videos from my PC?

How can I download videos from my PC?

Click the down-pointing arrow next to the Video DownloadHelper icon to open a drop-down menu. Choose an encoding of the media that you want to download. Select the “Download” option from the fly-out menu. Follow the on-screen directions to download the YouTube video to your computer.

How do you download videos from YouTube?

Using VLC Player on a Computer Go to on your computer. Go to the video you want to download. Copy the video’s URL. Open VLC Player. Open a new Network stream. Paste the YouTube video’s URL into the field. Click Play (PC) or Open (Mac). View the video’s codec information. Copy the “Location” field.

How do I download an embed video?

The best way to download an embedded video from a website is by using a Chrome extension called Flash Video Downloader. This extension detects the media on the page and it downloads the video to your files. How to download embedded video: Install Flash Video Downloader. Go to the website and click the extension icon.

How do I download the files?

Open your downloaded file. You can do this either by clicking the file’s name in the bar at the bottom of the browser window (or in the downward-facing arrow window in Safari), or by navigating to your computer’s default download location, which is typically a folder entitled “Downloads”.

How do I download my videos?

Open website and enter video’s URL to the corresponding field, at the top of the page.Click “Download” and you’ll see the list with all available links. Choose the desired format and get the file you need. That’s it, as simple as that! Also, you can download apk and use it on your phone.

How do you download videos from the Internet?

There are two common ways to download video clips from the Internet. The first is to right-click on the link and choose Save target as… from the context menu. Using this method – suitable only for downloadable media such as MPEG, WMV, etc – you can download the files to your PC…

How do you download videos from browser?

Using Video Downloader Professional Understand where you can use Video Downloader Professional. Open a supported web browser. Go to the Video Downloader Professional page. Install the extension. Enable Video Downloader Professional on Microsoft Edge. Go to a video that you want to download. Play the video. Look for the largest download.

How do I download and save a YouTube video to my computer?

Download videos using KeepVid. Paste the URL of the YouTube Video you want to download into the “URL” field and click the “DOWNLOAD” button to save the video to your PC. Save a YouTube video to your hard drive using SaveVid. Enter the URL of the YouTube video into the field marked “URL” and click the “Download” button.

How do you grab YouTube videos?

Click the button and the program will start to grab the video from YouTube. Another way is to grab videos by url. Right-click the video and copy the url. Then go to the program to click the Paste URL button. In that way, you don’t even have to open the video, which can help save time.

How to save YouTube videos to computer [all solutions]?

How to Save YouTube Video to your Computer Open the video downloader windowHow to save YouTube videos to computer? Firstly, launch the software and go to… Paste the target YouTube URL into the URL box and analyze itFirst, click the New Download button. Then copy the… Start saving videos from YouTube See More….

Where are the videos stored on my computer?

The Windows 10 default file location for videos is: [d:]\\User\\Username\\Documents\\My Videos, where [d:] is the system drive. The specific video show is accessed through: [Computer Name]\\Videos. Other users may define their own locations for placing their videos.

How can I download videos from Facebook to my computer?

How to save Facebook video to your computer: Open in your web browser Facebook and search for the video you want to download. Click on the video you want to download. This will open a video in a bigger window. Play the video for few seconds, so it will load into your browser.

How do I download videos from a link?

Open a new browser window and go to a video downloading website such as or (see Resources). Right-click the URL window and click “Paste” to paste the video URL address you copied from the video sharing website. Click “Download” to validate the video. Select the video format to download the video to.

Is it safe to download YouTube videos?

Downloading videos from YouTube is a relatively safe bet, since it is unlikely to be carrying malware and you can view any video before you download it. You should use greater caution when acquiring a downloader program. Make sure the source of the download is reliable,…

Why Cant I see videos on my computer?

Difficulty watching videos from your hard drive or in your Web browser can be a result of outdated software, a lack of appropriate media players or security software interference.

How do I Find my downloaded movies?

Downloads are located on the ‘My Movies’ section, which you can find from the ‘My Movies’ tab in the menu at the bottom of the Lifetime Movie Club screen. Movies that you have downloaded are listed on the ‘Ready to Watch’ tab, with the titles you have downloaded most recently at the top of the list.

What is IG post?

The IG postcode area, also known as the Ilford postcode area, is a group of 11 postcode districts in England, which are subdivisions of six post towns. These postcode districts cover parts of east London and southwest Essex .

How do I install YouTube on my laptop?

STEPS 1. Go to the YouTube, open your favourite and copy the URL of the video. 2. Once you install the software navigate to the using the web browser. 3. Search the video you want to get on your computer and copy the URL. 4. Now open the 4K Downloader and click the ‘Paste link’ button at the top left corner.

How do you download movies on PC?

Select “Movies & TV.”. Click your movie and then hit the “Buy” option next to the title. Hit the top “Menu” option and select “Your Video Library.”. Click your purchased movie and then click the “Download” button to save a copy on your laptop. You can play this with standard video players on your laptop.

How do you copy YouTube videos to your computer?

How do you download video clip?

Click the video download extension button at the top of the browser window to display a list of options. Depending on the extension, you are offered a list of video formats or a list of all videos on the page. Click the appropriate link to download the video clip to your hard drive.

How do you save YouTube videos to desktop?

Right click the video, and click “Save Video As”. Right click (or control+click on your Mac’s trackpad) the enlarged YouTube video that appears. Click “Save Video As” and select your Desktop as the video file’s destination.

Can I install YouTube on laptop?

Install youtube. You need not to install YouTube on your computer, but if you are not able to view the videos, you might need to install Adobe Flash Player . Go to and click the download button and intall to your computer. Once installed, you can now view videos in

How do I download my pictures to the computer?

Connect your camera to your computer using the USB cable that came with your camera. You must have a USB port to download pictures to your computer. Choose the folder where you want your pictures downloaded. The computer will choose the “My Pictures” folder by default unless you want them in a different folder.

How do I download videos from Google +?

There are two ways to download videos to computer from Google Photos. To download video, Search and select the video which you want to download. Place your cursor over a video and click the check mark. Click “Download” icon located at top of the window. Your browser prompts you to save .zip file, click “Save” and specify a location to download.

How do I download photos from Google Drive to my PC?

Here are the steps to download photos from Google Drive to your computer: Go to & sign in to your account. Click the checkbox(es) next to the photos that you wish to download. “Right click” the selected photos, select “Download” option.

How do I download pictures to my PC?

How do you download videos from Google Play?

Purchased videos will appear in your library in the Google Play Movies & TV app on Android or iOS. Click the download icon to download the content. On Chromebooks , get the Google Play Movies & TV extension for Chrome. You’ll be able to browse your library and download anything by clicking the download button.

What is the best free video software for PC?

HitFilm Express. The best free video editing software overall. Robust timeline editor. Playback options that speed up editing. Ability to continue editing during export.

What is the best YouTube app for PC?

MyTube is arguably the best YouTube app you can get in Windows 10. The app includes a beautiful user-interface and works across Windows 10 PCs, Mobile, and even the Xbox One .

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