How can I download YouTube videos without the app?

How can I download YouTube videos without the app?

So, I researched how to do this and found a really simple process that anyone can do.

  1. Go to the Youtube video you want to download.
  2. Let the video play for at least a few seconds.
  3. Type in http://ss and then the youtube video URL:
  4. Click on the Green Download button and you’re done!

Which app can I use to download videos from YouTube?

VidMate is a remarkable Android video downloader app. The app is very reliable for downloading YouTube videos. You can look for files based on different categories such as movies, music, tv shows, or directly search for any files from its Search-Bar.

What apps can I use to download videos from YouTube?

Vidmate. One popular app for downloading from YouTube is Vidmate.

  • InsTube. This very app allows you to download videos of different resolutions from over 100 websites.
  • TubeMate. Well, TubeMate is quite popular with Android users.
  • Videoder.
  • Dentex YouTube Downloader.
  • SnapTube.
  • YouTube Go.
  • NewPipe.
  • How do I download YouTube videos with Chrome?

    You can also right-click the video URL in the address bar at the top of Google Chrome and click Copy. Go to in a new tab. This is a website that allows you to download YouTube videos.

    Which app is best for video download from YouTube?

    However, if you want to download the YouTube videos, we are describing some best YouTube video downloader applications for Android.

    • InsTube.
    • Videoder.
    • Snaptube.
    • TubeMate.
    • YMusic.
    • NewPipe.
    • YT3 YouTube Downloader.
    • VidMate.

    What is the easiest way to download YouTube videos?

    If you want to download YouTube videos directly to a computer, the easiest way is usually through your browser. Although there are video downloader plugins for certain web browsers, the easiest way to download is to copy and paste the URL of the video you want into a website.

    How do you download YouTube videos onto your computer?

    Here’s how to download YouTube videos on your Windows PC. 1. Download and install YTD Video Downloader. 2. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to save, using your browser. 3. Launch YTD Video Downloader if it’s not already running. 4. Copy and paste the YouTube address from your browser into YTD’s URL field.

    Is there safe way to download YouTube videos?

    Downloading videos from YouTube is a relatively safe bet, since it is unlikely to be carrying malware and you can view any video before you download it. You should use greater caution when acquiring a downloader program. Make sure the source of the download is reliable, and that the software itself is reputable.

    What is the best software to download YouTube videos?

    Gihosoft TubeGet is a portable YouTube download software aiming to download videos from YouTube and other hot video streaming websites, simple is the best must be the main developing purpose of the software. Brief and clean as it may be, it has almost everything a video downloader needs.

    Why are my videos not downloading on YouTube?

    Video downloads require a strong internet connection. Make sure that your device is connected to a 3mbps or faster Wi-Fi network, or a mobile network with a data plan that supports 3G, 4G, or LTE speeds. If you’re not sure what your current internet speed is, you can test your speed online.

    Why is my YouTube not installing?

    If you cannot update your app, it’s most likely that your version of Android OS no longer supports the newer version of the YouTube app. To make sure you have access to the latest Android YouTube app, update to the latest Android OS.

    How do I download and save a YouTube video to my computer?

    Download videos using KeepVid. Paste the URL of the YouTube Video you want to download into the “URL” field and click the “DOWNLOAD” button to save the video to your PC. Save a YouTube video to your hard drive using SaveVid. Enter the URL of the YouTube video into the field marked “URL” and click the “Download” button.

    How do I download movies from YouTube to my PC?

    How to Download Videos from YouTube to Computer. Step 1. Download AnyTrans and install it on your Mac or PC > Open AnyTrans and click Video Download button. How to Download YouTube Videos to Computer – Step 1. Step 2. Select the destination > Copy the URL of videos to the downloading area > Click Download button to start.

    How to save YouTube videos to computer [all solutions]?

    How to Save YouTube Video to your Computer Open the video downloader windowHow to save YouTube videos to computer? Firstly, launch the software and go to… Paste the target YouTube URL into the URL box and analyze itFirst, click the New Download button. Then copy the… Start saving videos from YouTube See More….

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