How do I trim a YouTube video on my phone?

How do I trim a YouTube video on my phone?

Trim the start or end of your video

  1. Select Trim. A blue box will appear in the editor.
  2. Click and drag the sides of the blue box. Stop when the box is covering the portion of the video that you’d like to keep. Anything not in the box will be removed from the video.
  3. Select Preview to confirm your edits.
  4. Click Save.

How do you trim a video?

It works like this:

  1. Display the video in the Gallery. Do not play the video; just have it loitering on the screen.
  2. Choose the Trim command. Touch the Action Overflow or Menu icon to find the Trim command.
  3. Adjust the video’s start and end points.
  4. Touch the Save or Done button to save the edited video.

What do most YouTubers use for video editing?

What do YouTubers use to edit videos?

  • iMovie comes free with all Apple devices, so it has long been the first port-of-call for those new to video editing, and many well-known YouTubers still use the program.
  • Final Cut Pro is one of the most popular editing tools available in 2020.

Where is the YouTube video editor 2021?

Make your way to YouTube’s video editor (YouTube Studio > Content > Hover over the video > Pencil Icon > Editor).

How do you cut down YouTube videos?

1. Log in to your YouTube account. 2. Click on your account name -> Videos. 3. Find the video that you want to trim, and click the Edit video button. 4. In the Edit video window, switch to the Quick Fixes, and choose Trim.

How do you shorten a YouTube video?

For shortening the YouTube video file, click “Clip” in the main interface. You have two choices to cut the YouTube video. One is pulling the small triangle to cut the part what you want, the other is setting start time and end time to split your YouTube movie.

How do you clip a YouTube video?

How to make a short clip from a YouTube video online – The Steps Open your web browser of choice (ex. Go to YouTube then copy the URL of the video that you want to trim or chop. Next, click here to go to “TubeChop” – a free online tool (web app) that lets you trim any video on YouTube without downloading or installing any software or desktop app.

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