How do you send a video as a smaller file?

How do you send a video as a smaller file?

Zip It on Windows Find the video you want to attach. Right-click the video file and click Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. After Windows zips the video, attach it to the email and send it on its way.

How much does zipping reduce file size?

Microsoft Windows provides a utility that allows you to zip multiple files into a single compressed file format. This is especially helpful if you are emailing files as attachments or if you need to conserve space (zipping files can reduce file size by up to 50%).

How do you compress video files?

Using Handbrake Download and install Handbrake. Open Handbrake. Click Open Source. Click File. Select a video. Select a quality preset. Enter a file name. Check the “Web Optimized” box. Click the Video tab. Make sure that the settings here are correct. Click Start Encoding. Wait for your video to finish compressing.

How do you make video files smaller?

To make a video smaller with QuickTime, open the app from your Applications folder and click File > Open File to load your video. To begin making your video smaller, click File > Export As. Unfortunately, QuickTime doesn’t give you as many options as some other apps.

How do you make a file size smaller?

To make a file smaller in terms of size, all you need to do is put it inside a folder and archive that folder. There are two different ways you can go about archiving folders on Windows – archiving folders using Windows’ built-in archiving utility, and archiving folders using third-party software.

What is the best video compression software?

Filmora Video Editor is one of the best video compression software in compressing videos. It has an array of editing tools to aid in cutting, cropping and rotating videos. The common video formats supported by Filmora Video Editor include FLV, MP4, VOB, MOV, AVI, TRP, F4V, MTS, WMV, MOD, DV, EVO and TOD .

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