What makes a great explainer video?

What makes a great explainer video?

A good explainer video should, therefore, be specifically designed to capture the intended audience’s attention and then make the most of it while it’s still hot. This is why the most successful ones out there are always brief, straight to the point and most importantly, have a clear call-to-action at the end.

How do I create a new video?

Creating a new video Click the pencil icon on the top menu and select Video or if you’re on a space, group or project, select Video from the Actions menu. Choose the method you wish to use to create the video. Depending on the method you chose, it could take a few minutes to save the video.

How do you add special effects to a video?

In every section, you can find many special effects for creating an amazing and spectacular video. Also you can add additional effects to your video on the editing ruler. Left-click on the video and select “Advanced edit”. Now you can add shadow, border, and flip effects.

How do you Make Movies on your computer?

Steps Obtain a webcam. Choose Video Editing Software – Windows Movie Maker is available in Windows but if you are using a Mac try iMovie or Linux try AviDemux. Check how to operate your webcam. Click Webcam video in Windows Movie Maker. Click Record to begin recording. Click Stop to stop recording. Save the video. Start arranging movie clips.

What is the best free YouTube video editor?

The good news is that LightWorks supports 4K video resolutions as well as both HD and SD formats. One of the reasons why LightWorks is considered as one of the best free video editing software for YouTube is the range of customizability that it offers.

How do you make a simple explainer video?

How to make an explainer video in a snap

  1. Pick an explainer video template that takes your fancy.
  2. Log in to your Biteable account or sign up here if you don’t have one already.
  3. Edit your template.
  4. Download your finished video.
  5. Publish your new explainer video masterpiece on your social media channels.

How do I start explainer video?

Explainer video script best practices

  1. Keep it short – 90 seconds or less is ideal.
  2. Your key message and value proposition should be in the first 30 seconds.
  3. Speak in 2nd person, using words like “You” and “Your.”
  4. Use simple language – don’t alienate viewers with technical terms they won’t understand.

What’s the best way to make a video?

Just add three images, customize the text and download the video. Build your own custom video in seconds. Videvo: Completely free high quality HD footage and motion graphics. Pexels: Free photos and videos from around the world. Distil: 10 new high quality videos for commercial use every 10 days, delivered to your inbox.

What can you do with a YouTube video?

Videos can live in several places: The same video can potentially be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, Tumblr, Reddit, embedded on your website/blog, etc. Videos make for eye-catching social media posts/ads: Audiences can read, watch, and listen, so video can engage them in a different way than static imagery.

What’s the second step in making a video?

Editing your video recording is the second step. In order to make the recordings more vivid, sometimes you need to polish the video with techniques, such as combining and trimming video clips, as well as adding photos, background music, a title, credits, captions, text, visual effects, or animations.

Why do we need to make video tutorials?

Computer and Internet have made our lives easy. The process of learning and implementing has become extremely advanced. Numerous times we feel the need to make video tutorials to explain a certain process or give a presentation. At times, it becomes necessary to record our computer screen and share the recorded video in order to detail a procedure.

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