What percent of the world plays video games?

What percent of the world plays video games?

According to a news report published by DFC Intelligence, there was nearly 3.1 billion video game consumers by the mid-2020. The world’s population is around 8 billion people, meaning almost 40% of the population are playing video games. When you think about a gamer you might envision them on their PC or console.

Are video games gaining popularity?

Video games have come a long way since the first games emerged in the 1970s. In fact, it was found that video gaming is gaining popularity among parents across the world as well, with a fairly even split in terms of the gender distribution of video gaming parents worldwide.

How popular are video games statistics?

In 2018, more than 166 million adults played video games in the US. In 2019, around 2.4 billion people will play mobile games. 52% of gamers play on their personal computers. 42% of Americans play video games every week.

Which country has most gamers?

As of 2020, it is estimated that China ranks first among the biggest gaming markets worldwide, with a revenue of 40.85 billion U.S. dollars. The video gaming market in the United States ranked second, generating an approximate 36.92 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenues.

Which is the No 1 game in the India?

Google Play Ranking: The Top Grossing Games in India

Rank App
1 = Garena Free Fire – 4nniversary by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED
3 = Coin Master by Moon Active
4 = Lords Mobile: Tower Defense by IGG.COM

Why are video games so popular?

Video games are so popular because they give the player a clear framework toward the game’s goals while also offering regular rewards for working toward those goals. The rewards are important as they keep the player motivated to keep playing.

What is the most downloaded video game?

It should come as no surprise that Fortnite: Battle Royale is the most downloaded free-to-play game on the service, as it’s the video game of our time. And while Red Dead Redemption 2 seemed to have more excitement behind it leading up to launch,…

What is the most popular video game in the world?

Tetris is the best-selling video game of all times, with 150 million copies sold since its first release. Tetris is very easy to play. The aim is to stack differently coloured and shaped blocks that fall down into a pit.

What is the most played video game ever?

League of Legends the world’s ‘most played video game’. Video games come and go, but Riot Games considers League of Legends the current king of them all — for now. The League of Legends World Championships, with a $5 million dollar prize pool, concludes on October 13. Riot keeps the game buzzing by maintaining competitive events such as this.

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