Who are the girls in what them girls like?

Who are the girls in what them girls like?

Comfort Fedoke, DeRay Davis, Tyrese Gibson, Teairra Mari, Kristia Krueger, Suelyn Medeiros, Amber Rose, Joe & Gavin Maloof and La La made cameo appearances in the video. There is a 40-second intro before the music starts in the video. ^ (August 1, 2008) New Music: Ludacris f/ Chris Brown & Sean Garrett – ‘What Them Girls Like’ Rap-Up.

Who are the producers of what them girls like?

“What Them Girls Like” is the first single from Ludacris’s sixth studio album Theater of the Mind. The single features Chris Brown and Sean Garrett and is produced by Darkchild . Contents

What kind of things do girls like to hear?

There are tons of things girls like to hear. But boys being boys are almost clueless about what to say to a woman to make her happy or feel special. They often over think and end up making completely fools of themselves in front of the girl they like. But, fear not!

What do girls like the most about a guy?

50 Things Girls Like About Guys. 1 1. We love a funny guy. We’re not expecting a comedian. But we do expect you to keep it light-hearted and to make a few jokes now and then (even if 2 2. You gotta smell good. 3 3. You have to look clean. 4 4. We prefer natural over bulky. 5 5. When you can’t keep your hands off us.

Who is the AllMusic editor for what them girls like?

Allmusic editor David Jeffries called this song completely unsurprising, with rock-solid hook.

Who is the only female to have more than one music video?

Shakira, along with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is the only female star to have more than one music video in the top 25 list. Chantaje is not only a successful visual, but the song itself was also a major triumph in 2016 upon its release.

What kind of things do girls like to talk about?

In the getting-to-know-you stage, girls like to talk about their passions and hobbies, the happier moments of their past, crazy adventures they’ve had, and their hopes and dreams for the future. Talking about those things is literally how you get to know her.

What do girls like to do on the Internet?

Whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Vine (RIP), girls love taking pictures and videos and posting them on the internet. And you should too! Let me explain… It’s no secret that getting those likes has a psychological effect on our brains.

What do girls like to hear you say?

A lady wants to know that you love her more for what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside, and these words give exactly that to her. Again, so many guys think that complimenting a woman on purely her looks or appearance is okay and more than enough, that it’s astounding. No.

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